1.4Ghz Low Pass Filter for 1.2Ghz System

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1.4Ghz Low Pass Filter for 1.2Ghz System

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1.4G low-pass filter exclusive for FPV use, it can effectively reduce 2.4G device interference (2.4g remote control receiver), increasing control distance! Installing it on 1.2G system, it can greatly decrease the interference (above 1.4G), especially for 2.4G remote control receiver. Experience proved that it can reduce GPS interference, Lawmate 1.2G 1W VTx, the distance between antenna and fight controller is 5mm, can get 10 satellites, transmission range may be reduced slightly using filter.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight 5g
size 35*7*6.5mm
Package Include 1 x 2.4G filter