800TVL Camera 5-20V with 2.8mm Wide Anlge Lens for FPV

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800TVL Camera 5-20V with 2.8mm Wide Anlge Lens for FPV

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800TVL high resolution board camera, it adopts high sensitivity sensor that its resolution is up to 800TVL, 5~20V wide voltage input.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Chipset 1/3" High Sensitivity CMOS sensor
Resolution 800TVL
TV System PAL/NTSC (based on country)
White Balance 600TVL(color)  650TVL(B&W)
Synchronization internal
Min. Illumination 0.05Lux
WDR support
Mirror auto
D/N auto
AGC auto
Language Emglish
Video Output 1.0Vp-p, 75ohm
Power DC5V~DC20V
Current 50mA
Size 38*38mm(can be 32mm*32mm)
Operating Temperature -10℃~50℃
Storage Humidity 20~95%
Weight 14.7g
Package Includes 1 camera; 1 x cable; 1 x manual
it's ok
очень хорошая камера за эти деньги. не затемняет. землю. как некоторые. летать комфортно. nну разве что детализация чуть хуже топовых камер. но за такую цену огонь.
I have been playing around with a few of these $10 fpv cameras for a while now and when they work, they work very well imho.nnThe problem I have with them is that although they are rated 5-20v, they do not always play well with all vtx's with a 5v camera output.nnThe only 5v camera output vtx that I have found works well is a FX796T (both the 200 and 600mw versions);nnhttp://www.banggood.com/FX796T-6-5_8...p-1009910.htmlnnMy Fatshark 250mw vtx works inside but as soon as I take it outside it turns light purple and gets very grainy. My el cheapo Eachine ET200 will not even power it on.nnI have tried running this camera on 12v and it seems to work fine.nnSo, for me, I think it's best to plan to run it on 12v.nnAnyone else having problems running this 5-20v camera off a 5v Fatshark vtx? Thanks.
This is a fantastic camera
is this camera working at 12V ???n
yes, 12V
Охрененная камера за свои деньги. Ночью очень не плохо снимает. Рекомендую.
Great camera. For the price you cant go wrong. Its clear and from what I can see there's no lag
Love this camera so much order another.....using it on 4s no problems and the picture is great 5*****
This is really hard to beat for the money. Its no Sony, right up front. The Sony 600tvl camera, at nearly 3x the cost, is nicer; but not nearly 3x nicer.nnIf you're on a budget, or just trying this out, it is hard to go wrong with this camera.nnPros: n- Value to performance.n- Solid performance during the day, sunny or overcast.n- Value!nnCons:n- No settings adjustment.n- Some of the auto exposure is pretty drastic.n- Poor performance in extreme lighting conditions, making early morning, and late evening flights difficult. (washout when pointing towards the sun is extreme).

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