DALRC 2.4GHz 8dBm Power Amplifier Remote Control Increase Distance For DIY Multirotor Racer

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DALRC 2.4GHz 8dBm Power Amplifier Remote Control Increase Distance For DIY Multirotor Racer

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This product is 2.4G air model remote control dedicated amplifier products, can greatly increase the distance from the remote control, the gain is 8DBm, the product also has an electronic switch function, do not need to take mechanical switch, control will not consume power, use. The use of high-frequency PCB, reduce interference, loss.

General model aircraft remote control transmitter power is about 14dBm, the use of this amplifier can reach 22dBm- 26dBm (150-500mW), we adjust the transmit power to a very suitable value, if the remote control transmitter power is too high will cause interference 5.8G and other receiving Normal operation of the machine (commercially available 2.4g power amplifier power are generally more than 1000mW, seriously interfere with Figure transmission receiver), too low will lead to too close.

Size: 39.5 * 27mm
Weight: 9g
Operating voltage: 6-26V
Operating Current: 8V / 160mA 25dBm
Transmitting gain: 8dB ± 1.5dB
Receive gain: 10dB ± 1.5dB
Maximum transmit power: 33dBm / 2000mW
Noise figure: ≤3.0dB
SW switch maximum voltage: 26V
SW switch minimum trigger voltage: 1V
Working status indication: red LED: amplifier power is on; blue LED: transmitting signal

The RC of DJI phantom 2 up to 6 km (open to test),
FUTABA remote control up to 3 km (open to test),
Frsky remote control up to 4 km (open to test),
Cross racing drone can be used to enhance the diffraction ability, greatly reducing the risk of out of control.

The transmit power of this product is not a custom, need according to the input power superposition gain, the gain is 8dB.

Package Included:
1 x DALRC 2.4GHz 8dBm Remote control amplifier


Q: Will this work on spektrum?

A: Yes, it can work with all Horizon remote controller, including spektrum.


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