New DL220 3.5mm Full Carbon Fiber Quad Frame for FPV Racing

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New DL220 3.5mm Full Carbon Fiber Quad Frame for FPV Racing

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DL220 is design for FPV race, all carbon integrated fiber body, 3.5mm frame, super powerful, very tough, it come with motor protection base and adjustable camera base which can used to change angle. Multiple antenna holes on the upper layer board, 2pcs protective ring, LED tail light installation position, can be used to fasten antenna, ESC can be installed on the arm or inside of body, sSupport Foxeer HD 60fps camera, carbon fiber card board for fixing lens (25° tilt up), Smart layout, easy installation.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Item DL220 frame
Material Full carbon fiber
Other part 1.5mm
Arm body Thickness 3.5mm
Wheelbase 220mm
Suggest Motor 2204 2300KV motor
Screw YFS
Suggest prop 4"/5"
Suggest battery 1500MAH 4S battery
Weight 135g
Package Includes 1 x Frame
I love it nSimply indestructiblenMotors: 2205 RCinPOWERnESC: ZTW 30A premium BLHellinFlight controller: LUXRnAOMWAY Vid. TX 200mw Foxeer Sony CCD V2nn------Many hours of fun----------------
Top quality carbon fiber and manufacturing. Precise cutting. But be careful, for those who want to place a flight controller on top of the power board, a very small height. I got to set sp Racing F3 evo over Matek Mini Power Hub (not 5 in 1, it will not fit in width and length). I used nylon nuts and screws, rather than the standard nylon racks.
this is a great little racing quad. use 12 A blheli escs(fit all 4 inside body, bend the Cap vertical, and position transversely, 2 in font, 2 in rear), emax 2204 motors, echine 600 mW 5.8 vtx (fits inside body at the rear), super HAD 600 tvl ccd board camera, Lemon RC receiver, naze 32 (solder header pins inward over board and fits inside body perfectly), 1300 mAH 45-90c nanotech batt. DAL 5x4.5 3blade indestructable props. great speed and agility! love it!!
Great little frame. But if you break an arm you can't buy just the bottom plate anywhere without it costing you a complete frame again.

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