KISS CompactCTRL CC FC V2 - 32bit Flight Controller

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KISS CompactCTRL CC FC V2 - 32bit Flight Controller

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KISS CompactCTRL "CC" (AIOv2) - new Member of the KISS integrated FC&ESCs Family 

This version of the All-in-One board by Flyduino consists of a KISS 32bit flight controller and 4x 32bit KISS ESCs, rated at 16A (21A active limit), great for mini FPV setups.

It's made for instant DIY success as you only need to solder motor wires, connect power and a radio and go. 
The KISS CC should be ideally driven up to 4s and up to 4 inch props. 5 inch props are possible but you need to choose motors carefully. The CC will actively limit the output to 21A.

The CC comes preflashed with FC fw v1.1RC6 and ESC16A fw v110a

More Infos & Downloads:

Specs of the CC

Weight of PCB: 11g (without wires)

Size 35x42mm (with cut off corners)

4x KISS ESC 32bit ESC's 2-4S 16A (21A active current limiter)

KISS FC F3 32bit with serial, buzzer and LED ports.

Fully Dshot600 capable

The CC supports full telemetry and logging via serial port.
Setup is the same as with the regular KISS FC.

Package included:

1*KISS CompactCTRL CC