TS800 5.8G 32CH AV 1500mW Wireless Transmitter for FPV

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TS800 5.8G 32CH AV 1500mW Wireless Transmitter for FPV

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Here is a set of 5.8G wireless transmitter. It consists of 5.8G 1500mw wireless transmitter, 32ch for all 5.8GHz frequency points. Small size and light weight, it is a good choice for FPV.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Transmitter Frequency(GHz) 5.8G
Transmitting Power 1500mW
Transmission Frequency Channel 32channels
Reverse connect protection yes
Antenna Connector launch module end RP-SMA, antenna jack end RP - SMA plug
Input Voltage 7-28V
Cooling system cooling fans
Work Current 800 mA / 12V
Working Temperature - 10 to 85 Celsius Degree
Automatic Video Formats NTSC/PAL
Video Bandwidth 8M
Audio System 6.0/6.5
Synchronous dial code support (ground receiving support)
Video Input Impedance 75 ohm
Weight 51g
Dimension 54 * 32 * 26.5 mm
Package Includes

1 X 5.8G 1500mW transmitter;1 X Stock dipole whip antenna;1 X Power in harness;1 X Power out Video out Audio out harness;1 X Male-male 3pin 2.54 cable