MTV M12 35mm Megapixel Lens

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MTV M12 35mm Megapixel Lens

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The megapixel CCTV lens has an aperture of F2.0, with a 1/3" Format. The lens has a compact design, high relative illumination rate, high contrast and sharp picture in all areas of the screen. The best view range is from 1m to 50m. Because of the 35mm focal length, angle of view is only 8 degree.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Item Name MTV Mount 35mm CCTV Megapixel Board Lens
Image Size(inch) 1/3"
Focal Length(mm) 35mm
Aperture(F) F2.0
Angle of view(AOV) 8 degree
Focal Manual
Mount M12×0.5(mm)
Package Includes 1 x lens