2 Pairs 3-blade DALprop T5040 Props for FPV Racing

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2 Pairs 3-blade DALprop T5040 Props for FPV Racing

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DALprop T5040 tri-Blades CW CCW Propeller for Micro QuadCopter Multicopter, we have strict QC and introduce professional instruments to guarantee that each propeller has excellent balance, low vibration. It is marked unbroken.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Type DALPROP T5040
Inner diameter 5mm
Weight 4.1g each
Length 5 inch
Screw Pitch 4 inch
material imported pure PC
Package Include 2 x CW; 2 x CCW props


THE GOOD: Because its China...fantastic value as always. They don't feel like Chinese crap props either, they look great and sound amazing in-flight. The props have a very nice (almost waxy, but smooth) finish to them. While not as strong as some of the other DAL propellers (such as 5x4.5 ), they still hold up plenty well in crashes, and I've yet to break one yet.nnTHE BAD: Not too much to say other than that the thrust expected is pretty underwhelming for what I'd expect out of a triblade. On 2204-2300kv Cobra Motors, they pulled around 520g of thrust each, at 40A overall or 10 per motor. nnIf you're looking for more performance and don't mind a higher current pull, the 5x4.5 Bullnose DAL or the 5x4.5 Bluntnose Triblade Racing Prop are great. It pulls around 70A with 650 grams of thrust, pretty much making it a compact rocket ship.
too weak.
Break too easily. Always the same blade next to T5040 text to spinning direction breaks clean off. Every crash at least one breaks. Other than that very good props, but expected to be more durable.
try T5040 v2
This props I don´t recommend!!! Material and quality is good but design is horrible. Power and Trust is so weak. I´m not satisfied with this product :(nBut thanks for shop service, that is perfect.
Fantásticas, rendimiento muy bueno y sonido espectacular
Fantastic props in flight. Well balanced good thrust, but compared to other dal unbreakable, those ones break like glass when they hit something. So in my opinion, a little bit expensive.

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