What Is The Affiliate Program

Earn money without selling anything, just click mouse, get your money. Earning money becomes so easy, you can just promote SurveilZone products on your website, blog, Facebook, Youtube or any social media.

How does it work?

You can post an affiliate URL of the our website and products, you can get paid on any order the customer you referred places within 15 days of clicking your link.

How much can I earn on each order?

The money is calculated as 5% of total orders payment, that means if customers spend $100, you will get $5.

When can I expect the money in my account?

When the order is complete and after shipment for 60 days without any problems, such as refund/return/cancel order, there would be credit automatically to your account - check Balance after login. 

How to use earned money?

You can simple withdraw the money(minimum withdrawal amount is $20), we will send it by Paypal without affording transaction fee, or exchange the equal valued products.


Can not use robot to SPAM, once found, the account will be cancelled forever.

How to generate the Affiliate link?

There is a unique code in your account, you can simply add the affiliate code to any URLs of our website, and your referrals will be tracked, check it here: