IFlight Wide Voltage Programmable RGB LED lights 4PCS

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IFlight Wide Voltage Programmable RGB LED lights 4PCS

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These little devices are really neat, they can fit pretty much in any frame we can find currently. They are programmable via the Betaflight LED configurator. The betaflight firmware designers added so many interesting features so you can now get alarms when your battery is discharged, you can tell when your copter is armed or not, add a Larson scanner effect and make it look really cool or if you just want to keep it simple just assign a solid color.Simple and easy to install, this featherweight light set will provide super bright lights for your multirotor. You can display arming status, flight modes, blinkers, brakes and so on.
A nice feature to add to your Betaflight based Multirotor.

Input Voltage: 5V-17V
Connection method: 1mm single head terminal line (parallel circuit)
6 Lights
Weight: 1.8g
Material: PCB
Dimensions: 5 x 61mm
Attention: Please do not plug in/out the led cable when the flight control is power on. Remember to plug in/out the cable first before you power on the flight control

Package included:
4 x LED light boards